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Welcome to M.E.S
Central School Puthanathani

“To shed the light of knowledge is the only way to lead a society in to substantial progress”. Bearing this acute fact in mind, the visionaries urged to seek out a remedy for uplifting the society. There, the Puthanathani MES central school came in to existence.

The school was started in a rented building in 1994 at Puthanathani, later shifted to own building at Poovanchina, a place graced by the heavenly touch; enchanting and fascinating with natural beauty, 1.5km away from the national highway. The extensive and exciting new buildings are almost finished and they provide us with the perfect facilities to achieve our mission of enabling our children to become outstanding lifelong learner with freedom to be creative, the enterprise to initiate the ability cope with adversity.


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Though NCERT syllabus and books are followed as per the norms of CBSE, we have our own methodology of teaching the children, in primary after they come out of the house of Montessori. This new system of education is developed in co-ordination with the prevailing systems of child education in Kendriya Vidyalayas and some of the well reputed private schools in India.


In order to make the learning more effective and enjoyable, the subjects are taught with help of electronic and visual medium. Classes from grade 1 to V are provided with large size TV connected to computer, which are networked. The text book contents are converted into software, which in turn is displayed on the TV screen with the help of computer.


Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting with their day to day class room challenges and enhancing students academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology.


Apart from teaching curriculum, special coaching is imparted in Value Education which includes Islamic Studies to Muslim students and Moral science to other students.