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M.E.S Central School Puthanathani

WELCOME TO M.E.S CENTRAL SCHOOL PUTHANATHANI “To shed the light of knowledge is the only way to lead a society in to substantial progress”.Bearing this acute fact in mind, the visionaries urged to seek out a remedy for uplifting the society. There, the Puthanathani MES central school came in to existence. The school was started in a rented building in 1994 at Puthanathani, later shifted to own building at Poovanchina, a place graced by the heavenly touch; enchanting and fascinating with natural beauty, 1.5kmaway from the national highway.

The extensive and exciting new buildings are almost finished and they provide us with the perfect facilities to achieve our mission of enabling our children to become outstanding lifelong learner with freedom to be creative, the enterprise to initiate the ability cope with adversity. This is the perfect grounding for next stage of education and is the result of invaluable dedication of vigorous and vital hands behind this great venture. The school is affiliated to the CBSE, Delhi, up to 12th standard. It is gratifying to mention that the MES Puthanathani unit could stretch its hands to the lowest rung of society to find their shelter and provide other financial aids.