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Though NCERT syllabus and books are followed as per the norms of CBSE, we have our own methodology of teaching the children, in primary after they come out of the house of Montessori. This new system of education is developed in co-ordination with the prevailing systems of child education in Kendriya Vidyalayas and some of the well reputed private schools in India.

Activity oriented self learning through project works, is the gist of the methology followed in imparting Pre-Primary Education. Situations are created to learn everything from environment. There is no teaching, but they learn subject developing their inborn talents. Different projects are prepared by teachers to suit the taste and interest of the children. No Exam, No Home work and No Punishment are the special features of the new system. But the teachers strictly evaluate the progress of the child every month in every field of their activity. From grade VI onwards terminal examination covers complete portions taken and promotion is based on the result of all the examinations. The areas where the children show poor performance are traced out and remedial measures are given to improve them.


In order to make the learning more effective and enjoyable, the subjects are taught with help of electronic and visual medium. Classes from grade 1 to V are provided with large size TV connected to computer, which are networked. The text book contents are converted into software, which in turn is displayed on the TV screen with the help of computer.


Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting with their day to day class room challenges and enhancing students academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students, while improving their overall academic performance.


Apart from teaching curriculum, special coaching is imparted in Value Education which includes Islamic Studies to Muslim students and Moral science to other students.


A well equiped Audio visual lab is maintained for accelerating co-curricular activities. Useful and informative films and documentaries are shown in the AV Lab.the help of computer.

Computer Education

Computer Education is imparted from Pre-Primary to grade X, during the normal working hours and the course is run in tie-up with EZ Vidya, Chennai.


Few seats are reserved under different categories for Free and Concessional Education for the benefit of students of financially poor. Candidates seeking admission under this scheme should submit their application in the prescribed form, along with a covering letter to the Chairman, School Managing Committee